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We breathe Solutions

Business Consulting. Digital Solutions.

We are the Bridge to your business success in Tanzania

Solunala is a technology-inspired Business Management Consulting Company, focusing on tailor-made services and Digital solutions for foreign companies based in Tanzania, foreign companies with an interest in Tanzanian Market, and small and medium-sized businesses in Tanzania. We enable:

Our Services

Solunala는 귀하의 요구에 맞는 다양한 서비스와 솔루션을 제공합니다. 우리는 도움  당신은 성장을 잠금 해제하고 성공  4가지 핵심에 초점을 맞춘 탄자니아 시장  지역:

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Tanzania Market Entry Support

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Innovative IT products partnership

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Digital Solutions for businesses and HealthCare providers


Cultural Business Training Program

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"Tanzania to South Korea" business support

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Korean/English-Swahili Official document translation service

Pitch your innovative ideas to us and transform the Tanzania Digital landscape

Solunala wants to play a role in helping innovative young people to develop new technology strategies that cut costs, improve ROI, boost revenue, and can be integrated within our existing business context.

To achieve this, our Digital and Innovation team seeks out young Tech who are adopting or implementing new technologies – such as software, applications, artificial intelligence, business management software and IoT platforms.


We are inviting such talented individuals to submit pitches for potential collaboration.

Upcoming Events


We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

Korean-Swahili/English Translator

Tanzania, South Korea

We are looking for a Korean-English/Swahili Translator and interpreter. The preferred candidate must possess good understanding of Korean and Tanzanian culture. 

더 자세히 알아볼 준비가 되셨나요?

나는 단락입니다. 자신의 텍스트를 추가하고 편집하려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. "텍스트 편집"을 클릭하거나 나를 두 번 클릭하여 자신의 콘텐츠를 추가하고 글꼴을 변경합니다. 저는 여러분이 이야기를하고 사용자에게 여러분에 대해 조금 더 알릴 수있는 좋은 장소입니다.

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