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Digital Solutions Services for businesses 

Our digital technology services and innovation enable you to meet the needs of today’s digital customers in a cost-effective way, automate tasks, get the best from your team, be the leader in your industry and increase your revenues

Our Digital services Include:

Management Software for businesses, Health care providers, NGOs, and Government agencies

We help companies and organizations in Tanzania to make a successful digital transformation by addressing key areas of your business with Business Management Softwares to create an efficient workflow that enhances productivity, increases employee engagement, automates tasks, and improves workplace satisfaction. Some of the solutions include; Task Management Systems, Project Management, Social Media Management Tool, Appointment Systems, Enquiries Systems, Team Communication and collaboration, etc. These digital solutions are useful for a variety of business models, so no matter what kind of business you operate, you can take advantage of what they have to offer.

Our solutions are customized based on your need.

Computer Tutorials

Marketing, Web design and Management

We help companies and organizations use digital technology to reach customers in Tanzania and globally. Digital branding and marketing is successful when you have a clear strategy and management tool that guide you based on the nature of your customers and industry. In today's world, Website and Social Media Marketing are inevitable.


Solunala team will build you an incredible, revenue-producing, affordable, and custom website and social media accounts that ticks all the boxes and compliments your brand, all while making a bold statement online.

Do you need a quick website with more functionality? Worry not, Solunala team is partnering with Wix to create a quick yet efficient website for you. 

Worrying about the amount of money to pay at once? Worry no more because Solunala gives you an option to pay in a monthly basis. 


ZOOM and Social Media Events Coordination

Out team has coordinated over 30 virtual events (Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Networking, Classes and Webinars) through ZOOM and other social media platforms.  While you are busy dealing with core activities of your company or organziation, let us help you to make a successful event from;

  • Strategic Research and Concept/Topic/Theme Development

  • Creative Design and Content Development

  • Event Entertainment, Speaker Development and Contracting

  • Digital Development: Web, Social, Mobile, Interactive

  • Event Logistics Planning and Execution

  • Handling Online Registration 

  • After event follow-up.

zoom events coordination

To be successful at digital transformation, companies need bold leadership committed to change, comfort with emerging technologies, and a focus on the impact of digital change on customers, products and services, internal processes, and opportunities. Solunala is here to provide full support.

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