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Penetrate and Establish in Tanzania

How can we help

1. Tanzania Market Entry Support

We provide Business Development Services to Support your market entry to Tanzania. The services include but are not limited to Market Research, Partner finding, Meeting Support, Local Representation, Business set-up, Marketing and Promotion Support, Team Recruitment and Training, Interpretation and Translation, and Business Culture Training and Workshop. 

1. Marketing and Promotion support for innovative IT products 

Do you have an innovative digital product or service-(such as software, applications, artificial intelligence, business management software, and IoT platforms)  that you want to introduce in the Tanzania market? If the answer is YES, then let's talk. People are looking for solutions like yours. 

Tanzania is ready for you. Let us help

We help innovative Foreign companies (Mainly from South Korea) smoothly penetrate and establish their businesses in Tanzania ranging from Import-Export trade to Investment.

What to expect from us?



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