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We help foreign companies to succeed in Tanzania

Doing business or projects in a foreign country can be hard. Let us help

We provide a set of services and solutions to support multinational companies, SMEs, startups, foreign governmental agencies, and NGO activities and make sure they develop and maintain successful operations in Tanzania.

How can we help

1. Digital solutions for businesses, organizations, and health care

We help companies and organizations in Tanzania to make successful digital transformations by addressing key areas of your business with digital solutions to create an efficient workflow that enhances productivity, increases employee engagement, automates tasks, and improves workplace satisfaction. Some of the solutions include; Task Management Systems, Project Management, Social Media Management, Appointment Systems, Enquiries Systems, Team Communication, etc. These digital solutions are useful for a variety of business models, so no matter what kind of business you operate, you can take advantage of what they have to offer.

2. Cultural Business Training Program

We provide Cultural Business Training to improve efficiency in the workplace and communications between Tanzanians and non-Tanzanians colleagues. We do this through a range of training programs addressing culture, management, and other specialized programs such as working with Tanzanian colleagues and clients, important skills in working with foreign companies (For Tanzanians),  Marketing and Customer Services Training, and Team-building with Action planning programs. Our programs are provided in either Swahili, English, or Korean.

3. Marketing and Promotion support for innovative IT products 

Do you have an innovative digital product or service-(such as software, applications, artificial intelligence, business management software, and IoT platforms)  that you want to introduce in the Tanzania market? If the answer is YES, then let's talk. People are looking for solutions like yours. 

What to expect from us?



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