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Tanzania Market Entry Support

 We provide Business Development Services to Support your Market Entry to Tanzania. Our services include:

Market Research and Analysis

Market research helps companies to identify and analyze the needs of the market, the market size, and the competition. It helps to gather all relevant information about target markets and customers so as to have a clear understanding of the market which is a crucial component of business strategy and a major factor in maintaining competitiveness.


Our Company performs Market research and provides Customized Reports to suits the needs of our clients that may include: Developing business processes, increasing profit, increasing company performance, investigating competitors or increasing customers’ satisfaction. 

Business Partner Finding

Successful establishment of business in a foreign market, among others, involves securing a reliable partner and the relevant connections. This exercise is never easy, especially in a foreign land where you need enough time, resources, and experience to accomplish the task. Experience shows making uninformed decisions at this point might lead to sizeable disruptions of your plans, or the collapse of the business completely. Choosing the right partner would also help you to reach your full potentials.
Thus, our company is set to assist you to go through the process professionally, considering your current and future endeavors. We believe that, while the due diligence is essential, it is equally important that we incorporate your attributes (Vision, values, leadership style, etc) and the gap that you would want your partner to bridge. This is why at Solunala we say “ Your Business is Our Business – Therefore, We want to Grow Together”

Meeting support

Need help setting up meetings with Tanzanian counterparts (Government Agencies, Companies, Institutions) in Tanzania/ Korea?


Our company with highly qualified and experienced staff will assist you in handling such assignments timely, with a high level of professionalism and efficiency. It is our duty to ensure that both sides' business etiquettes are adhered to, and when applicable negotiations services are added to ensure fruitful deliberations. 

Such services include:

1.  Making initial contacts with the desired counterparts.

2.  Background check of the companies before the meetings.

3.  Communication management in Swahili/English/ Korean.

4.  Coordinate and organize meeting schedules according to the locations of the meetings.

5.  Providing advice and guidance on Tanzania culture and business practice.

6.  Participate in the meeting and assisting with the discussion and negotiation, including providing translation services.

7.  Logistics support including local transportation and accommodation booking.

8.  Follow-up support after the meetings.

NB: We also provide meeting services to Trade Missions, Business Delegations, etc

English/Korean-Swahili Interpretation and Translation

Tanzania uses Swahili and English however not everyone can speak English fluently. We provide translation services to support your market entry and operations in Tanzania.  Our Translators and professionals with exposure to different cultures.

Partner or Supplier Verification and Due Diligence

The process of choosing the right suppliers or partners to work with can be challenging for businesses in different locations. Not only do you need to find suppliers or partners with the capacity to produce the materials you need in bulk (and at a competitive price point) or reliable partners, but you must also confirm that those suppliers or partners are whom they claim to be.


 You need a good supplier verification system to protect your company from: 

  • Fraudulent vendors 

  • Unpleasant surprises when existing venders go out of business 

  • Vendors that are unable to keep up with your level of demand  

  • Vendors that do not comply with safety standards or other regulatory requirements.

Our team of experts will help you to conduct supplier and partner verification and due diligence. We will then produce a detailed report that will help you to make a decision. 

Marketing, Promotion and Branding Support

The services we provide under this element are;

  • Market study to examine the current marketing and brand status of the client in the Tanzania market

  • Preparing a marketing plan and public relations proposal for the Tanzania market

  • Consultation and guidance regarding marketing and advertising activities and channels in Tanzania

  • Swahili/English translation and cultural localization of existing marketing materials

  • Creating and writing new marketing materials in Swahili or English language

  • Establishment, maintaining, and managing of Client's Swahili/English website and/or landing page

  • Establishment, maintaining, and managing of Client's Swahili/English social media channels, such as What's App Business, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Organizing products and service reviews and testing by customers and/or influencers in Tanzania.

  • Digital or physical launch events for products and/or services in Tanzania.

  • Organizing events, conferences and participating in local exhibitions in Tanzania.

  • Developing collaborations with local stakeholders for brand promotion and development

  • Communication and media relations with Tanzanian journalists, reporters, bloggers, and influencers

  • Organization of interviews, media coverage, and news release for the Client and its products/services in Tanzania

  • Monitoring Client's brand status in Tanzanian media

Tanzanian Business Culture Training Program

We conduct training and workshops to help you have a smooth establishment and expansion to Tanzania. We teach you how to cope with Tanzanian staff, clients, and business partners.

Read here to find more.

Team Recruitment and Training

Many Foreign companies make mistakes when recruiting their team. Developing countries working culture is different from developed countries. Let us help you in recruiting and training the team to fit your needs and increase efficiency and productivity.

What to expect from us?



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