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"Tanzania to South Korea"
Business Support

We provide basic assistance needed in order to trade, partner, work or invest in foreign countries with deep specialization in Korean partners.

Swahili/English-Korean Translation and Interpretation

We provide translation services to companies, organizations, or individuals planning to/or import and export from South Korea.

Company Profile Preparations

We will help you to prepare a company profile that fits the standards of Korean partners. A clear and well-written company profile is an essential tool in trading with global companies. 

Marketing and Promotional Materials preparations

Are you planning to extend your business to South Korea? Our company will help you to prepare marketing and promotional materials that fit Korean standards and make you close the deal with Korean partners.

We also prepare, design, and translate promotional materials for TOUR OPERATORS who wish to extend their services to Korean customers.

Korean Culture Familiarization Program

Are you planning to start doing business, working or studying in South Korea? Then this is the perfect program for you. 

Korean culture is beautiful though complicated and understanding their culture helps you to secure that business deal, work, or a scholarship.

Personal and Business Assistance in Korea

Are you planning to visit South Korea? We are sure, you already know that most Koreans are not fluent in English. But don't worry because our experienced team will be there to assist you to arrange your trip to South Korea. Our team in Korea will also assist you with anything you need once in Korea.

Meeting, Forum, and Exhibition Representation

Do you need to attend a meeting, forum, exhibition, trade fair, etc in South Korea but due to one reason or another you can't be there? 


Worry not! Solunala team has got your back. We will attend the event on your behalf, meet business partners, distribute your brochures and promote your company.


We will then write a detailed report and the way forward.

Supplier/ Partner verification and due diligence

The process of choosing the right suppliers or partners to work with can be challenging for businesses in different locations. Not only do you need to find suppliers or partners with the capacity to produce the materials you need in bulk (and at a competitive price point) or reliable partners, but you must also confirm that those suppliers or partners are whom they claim to be.


 You need a good supplier verification system to protect your company from: 

  • Fraudulent suppliers or partners 

  • Unpleasant surprises when existing venders go out of business 

  • Vendors that are unable to keep up with your level of demand  

  • Vendors that do not comply with safety standards or other regulatory requirements.

Our team of experts will help you to conduct supplier and partner verification and due diligence. We will then produce a detailed report that will help you to make a decision. 

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Do you need other services not mentioned here?
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