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Who we are

Solunala is a Creatively-inspired Business Management Consulting and Digital solutions company with a deep specialization in the Tanzanian market. We enable:

  • Foreign Companies penetrate, establish, and expand their businesses in Tanzania

  • Existing Foreign companies succeed in Tanzania

  • Tanzanian businesses operate in International standards by adopting digital solutions and cope with global customers and partners.

Our services include:

  • Tanzania Market entry support

  • Business culture training, seminars, and workshops

  • Digital solutions for businesses and health care providers

  • "Tanzania to global" business support-A special service for Tanzanian companies.

What We do

Tanzania is a country with diverse opportunities. However, its business culture and market are complex and challenging – but we can help you succeed. Our team has a deep understanding and knowledge of Tanzania's business practices and cultures. On top of that, most of our team members have experience working in a multi-cultural environment.

Our team will do more than usual consultation: we'll play a hands-on role in its execution. We'll close deals for you, secure partnerships with partners that understand global business culture, recruit the best team for you, propose a marketing and branding strategy that works in Tanzania and generate revenues. 

If you're facing disruption from new technologies we'll help with the best digital solutions that will transform your business for the years ahead.

Our Clients

  • Foreign Companies, NGOs, and Organizations based in Tanzania.

  • Foreign Companies and Organizations with an interest in Tanzanian Market

  • Tech Start-ups and Individuals with Innovative IT products

  • Exporters and Importers

  • Start-ups and mid-sized businesses based in Tanzania

  • Government agencies that promote inter-country trade and investment

Clients choose us because of:

  • Our Tanzania market knowledge

  • Our experience to work with foreign companies

  • Our exposure to foreign culture and

  • unrivaled business connections.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you expand your business.

Why choose us

Our brand approach

Our brand approach is LAICEF: Listen, Analyze, Identify, Customize, Execute, and Follow-up. Our mission is to provide customized solutions to facilitate Organizations to explore their full potentials in Tanzania. Our philosophy is "Change is for Better".  Our promise is that we'll be there, as questions or issues arise, every step of the way. Your business is our business.

Most of our projects excution follows the "LAICEF Approach."

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