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Innovative IT Products Partnership

" I have been in a tech Industry for over five years and I have seen many good innovative products fail because of poor marketing strategy and planning. I have been there myself. Unfortunately, many tech people are not business people hence failure to understand the market"

Cesilia, CEO at Solunala

Our Services Include:

Marketing and Promotion for innovative technological solutions

Do you have an innovative digital product or service-(such as software, applications, artificial intelligence, business management software, and IoT platforms)  that you want to introduce in the Tanzania market? If the answer is YES, then let's talk. People are looking for solutions like yours. 

Our team comprises with business people that understand technology and Tech people that understand business. 

We will help you to form a marketing  and promotion strategy, do research, consultation and finally introduce your product or service to the market. 

Let's work together to contribute in the Tanzania and Africa tech ecosystem.

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Pitch Your Innovative Idea and help us to transform the Tanzanian businesses Digital Landscape

Solunala wants to play a role in helping innovative young people to develop new technology strategies that cut costs, improve ROI, boost revenue, and can be integrated within our existing business context.

To achieve this, our Digital and Innovation team will seek out young Technology experts who are adopting or implementing new technologies – such as software, applications, artificial intelligence, business management softwares and IoT platforms.


We plan on inviting such talented individuals to submit pitches for potential collaboration.

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To be successful at digital transformation, companies need bold leadership committed to change, comfort with emerging technologies, and a focus on the impact of digital change on customers, products and services, internal processes, and opportunities. Solunala is here to provide full support.

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